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Wood & gas fireplaces – from first thoughts to installation in the Blue Mountains

Thornton & Blake has been the supplier of wood and gas fireplaces to homes throughout the Blue Mountains for over 15 years. Offering diverse range of wood-burning and gas fireplaces for single or double-sided settings, we represent brands and products that will make proud additions to your home.

Our experience and commitment have led us to develop a keen understanding of just what makes a particular fireplace the perfect on for your home. Make the best possible decision for your home with our assistance at Thornton & Blake.

Thornton & Blake Services

Thornton & Blake are based in the Blue Mountains and hold a firm commitment to helping our customers build a living space that is truly beautiful and unique to them. We provide a full range of interior and exterior decoration and design services. From outside awnings and outdoor furniture to complete the outward look of your home, to the slow combustion fireplace and freestanding gas fireplace that will warm your home, we make the home of your dreams possible for you in the Blue Mountains.

In-home Consultation

At Thornton & Blake, our services include a complimentary pre-purchase consultation in your home. You will get an opportunity to look to speak with one of our consultants and discuss the various options that you have available to you in your home.

Custom Fireplace Design 

Our design services are the perfect way to bring a more personal touch to your living space. With the assistance of our professional designers, we can assist you in developing the look and feel of your own custom fireplace in your own home.

Installation Management

Our team of friendly and capable specialists can manage the installation of your fireplace in your home. At Thornton & Blake, we take pride in handling all of the details of an installation and we seek to make this process as non disruptive as possible. Before long you’ll have the opportunity to relax in front of your very own Thornton & Blake fireplace.

The brands that we represent


Jetmaster have made a name for themselves over their 35 years for providing a diverse range of fireplaces and heating solutions. 


Oblica have designed their fireplaces and radiators in line with their belief that a fireplace should do more than just heat your home. Freestanding or built in, each of their products is designed to be a functional piece of art.


ESSE have been engineering and manufacturing beautiful cast iron cookers and stoves for over 160 years. For a classic and rugged aesthetic, it’s hard to go past the cast iron look and functionality of an ESSE fireplace.


Kemlan Industries are one of Australia’s longest running manufacturers of slow combustion fireplaces, having been established in 1969. All of their designs today feature an advanced ‘air wash’ system that ensures a clear view through the front glass panel.


Founder of Regency Fireplace Products began designing and manufacturing wood stoves at home in his garage in 1979 just outside Vancouver, Canada. Their products have now reached across the world, and we are firm proponents of their designs.

Pacific Energy

Pacific Energy Fireplaces and Stoves are a North American company that design and manufacture a range of clean burning and efficient fireplaces and heating solutions.


Cast iron fireplaces and stoves forged in France. Invicta has been making beautiful, forward thinking, fireplaces with a classic touch since 1924.


Focus fireplaces are the product of the creative efforts of their founder and leading designer Dominique Imbert. ‘Made en France’, these fireplaces are a beautiful way to welcome the class and feel of France into your home.


German engineered brilliance. Skantherm have collaborated with leaders in design from all over the world and are one of the first to develop a modular fireplace system that is as elegant as it is adaptable.


A Danish designer and manufacturer, Morsø has been in operation since 1853. Those who are particular fans of Danish design will love the classic but dynamic look of a Morsø fireplace.

Stovax & Gazco

Stovax & Gazco have joined to become the UK’s largest manufacturer of wood and gas fireplaces. Their offering features a suitably diverse range to match. Traditional all the way through to contemporary, Stovax & Gazco have something for every space.


Pyroclassic has been manufacturing wood burners for over 30 years from their base of operations in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. We’re proud to be selling these impeccably designed fireplaces from this proud New Zealand brand.


Yunka Heating is another New Zealand brand. Family-owned, their dedication to top quality products through their almost 40-year history has seen them develop a highly respected reputation.

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