The owners of Lot 101 saw vision and potential, they had the cook but not the kitchen or the restaurant, yet.

A contemporary fine dining experience, the brief for Lot 101 was to transform an abandoned 80s domestic red brick veneer into a homely space that reflected the elevated quality and thoughtfulness of the cuisine to be served.


The challenge was accepted by Anne Hogarth, Director of Decoration and Design, Thornton & Blake, along with our colour specialist Ellisha Gronlund who were appointed to support with Interior design including curtains, lighting fixtures, fireplaces, colour palette and consult on finishes for the furniture, including the feature bar.

The colour palette we presented included hints of green, combined with earthy browns and natural whites, taking cues from the escarpment and kitchen garden surrounds. (All 600 hectares of it)!

Starting with the exterior walls of the renovated building, a custom colour was developed which Ellisha affectionately dubbed ‘Magic Pudding’. The use of a bronze/red brown gave the building an opportunity to pop from the the landscape, whilst maintaining a complimentary blend with the natural surrounds.


Moving inside to the dining space, the upper walls of the dining space were finished with an unpainted natural fresco texture, to pair, Ellisha specified ‘Oyster Linen’ for the traditional style wall panelling at the base of the wall, offering a nod to the natural landscape which can be viewed through the windows of the French doors.

The Mokum Drapery was chosen for its raw texture and natural tones using a composition of linen fibre and synthetic cloth, producing a natural weathered, yet durable finish. The installation of this heavy style drape also ensures the space remains warm and cosy, particularly during the cold Blue Mountains winter months.


Artisan and lighting designer Mark Douglass was appointed to create a number of custom hand-blown glass sphere pendant clusters over the private dining area and spaced single sconces along the walls, offering the element of ‘little jewels’ to elevate the space in elegance and thoughtful artistry.

The fireplace was required to fit into an existing chimney. A jetmaster universal firebox was chosen to provide the quintessential ambience of a crackling open fire, completing the harmonious blend of nature inspired textiles, wall finishes and custom crafted furnishings.

All finishes, and surfaces were carefully considered and discussed in collaboration with the clients and builders at Reform Construction, including the hand finished brass edge along the feature bar, which is similarly reflected in the bathrooms (not pictured).

The attention to detail across all aspects is secondary to none. From the hand-crafted wine racks that are constructed with quad and reo, to the brass filler strips used to define the line between the lining boards and wall panels, ensuring the thoughtfulness of the interior design is reminiscent of the quality cuisine served at this very special establishment in the Megalong Valley.

Lot 101 is open for dining Friday Dinner 18:00 – 20:30, Saturday Lunch 12:00 – 13:30; Dinner 18:00 – 20:30 and Sunday Lunch 12:00 – 14:00. Bookings are essential. 


Installation: Re form construction

Painter: Peak Restorations

Interior Designer: Anne Hogarth, Director Design & Decoration, Thornton & Blake

Colour Specialist: Ellisha Gronlund, , Thornton & Blake