Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 Insert

A classic design with an epic output, the Canadian made Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 Inbuilt brings traditional wood burning to the modern age. With its stunning, cast-iron front, gorgeous viewing glass and amazing internal features, the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt is one incredible heater.

What sets Pacific Energy apart from other heating brands on the market is its unique afterburn technology. This is done by igniting the smoke from the fire in the baffle at over 600°C, burning away the smoke particles and giving you that distinct Pacific Energy afterburn flame. From a technical perspective, this helps eliminate emissions, which brings the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt to 1.1g of emissions, perfect for the environmentally conscious. And this heat lends itself to the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt’s massive 250m² heat output, which is bolstered even further by the fans just behind the fascia. All this together, along with the awesome 60% efficiency, means you have a clean burning, wood saving, high heat output unit which can handle even the coldest of weathers with ease.

When it comes to control, the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt gives you the most control possible, with a wide 225mm air slider. This allows you to truly regulate your fire’s temperature, ideal for getting the most out of your fire. And with the ability to upgrade the cast-iron fascia to either the white enamel or majolica brown enamel, you can truly craft the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt to suit your home.

Modern heating meets traditional appearances in the Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 Inbuilt. With its numerous technologies working in tandem to give you the best in heating, all within a stunning fascia, the Alderlea T5 Inbuilt is truly a one-of-a-kind heater that will draw the eye of anyone who happens to gaze upon it or feel its warmth.

Heat Output Efficiency
13.125 210 60 610 453 530

* Fire dimensions are to be used only as a guide, refer to manufactures specifications for full dimensional details & installation guide. Heat output varies depending on home floor plan, house layout, heat loss of the house & quality/moisture content of wood. A fire consultation is required before quotes are finalised to establish fire suitability & installation & flue requirements.