Pacific Energy Neo 1.6

The Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 – a brilliant heater made in Canada. Designed for Canadian winters, this unit belts out the heat. With its stunning enamel sides and large viewing glass, the Neo 1.6 wood fire is a stunning unit, perfect for any medium sized home.

Keeping the fire going all night can be a challenge, but the Neos are specifically designed to keep the fire going all night long. With 12-15 hours of burn time, the Neo 1.6 is perfect for those long winter nights, and those winter mornings where you just want to throw another log on, rather than relight the heater. And with a brilliant 75% efficiency, you’re going to burn two tonne less wood per year than other heater’s in its class.

The Neo 1.6 is ready to be installed with an Outside Air Intake. This allows the air your fire needs to be taken from outside your home, almost a necessity in modern homes and eliminating draughts in older homes. Combine this with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit allows for a completely airtight system for your wood heater. Inside the Neo 1.6 is an Extended Burn Time, or an EBT. The EBT automatically breaks the draught in your wood heater which allows it to burn longer, no matter the length of flue.

Sleek, efficient, and packed with features, the Neo 1.6 is a brilliant medium sized wood heater perfect for the home that needs long burn times, beautiful heat, and a stunning centrepiece.

Heat Output Efficiency
12.5 200 75 690 512 940

* Fire dimensions are to be used only as a guide, refer to manufactures specifications for full dimensional details & installation guide. Heat output varies depending on home floor plan, house layout, heat loss of the house & quality/moisture content of wood. A fire consultation is required before quotes are finalised to establish fire suitability & installation & flue requirements.