Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Inbuilt

When it comes to heating a large home, while still maintaining style, quality, and performance, you can’t get much better than the Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Inbuilt. Purpose built for large heating spaces, it’s not hard to see why this is one of the most popular inbuilts on the market.

The thing the Neos are best known for is their efficiency, and the Neo 2.5 Inbuilt is absolutely no different. Boasting an exceptional 75% efficiency, this unit knows how to burn wood effectively. This gives you an extremely long burn time, up to 15 hours. That is true overnight burn without issue. The Neo 2.5 Inbuilt also has low emissions, 1.0g, giving you a good clean burn. It does this with the patented afterburn, which is smoke that’s been reignited at 600°C in the stainless-steel baffle, keeping emissions clean whilst also giving you more heat. This helps the Neo 2.5 Inbuilt achieve a phenomenal heat output of up to 300m²! This is an unbelievable amount of heat which is ideal for even the largest of spaces.

The Neo 2.5 Inbuilt can be either placed in an old chimney, or if you upgrade to the zero-clearance box, have a timber frame built around it. This allows the Neo 2.5 Inbuilt to go in almost any home, regardless of age. If your home is taller and you require more than 4 metres of flue on your wood heater, you will find your heater will struggle to light and maintain a fire, due to the excessive draught being pulled through by the flue. The solution here is the Extended Burn Time (EBT). This feature of the Neo 2.5 Inbuilt acts as a draught breaker, allowing your heater to burn without stress. It works almost like magic!

The Neo 2.5 Inbuilt is another fantastic addition to the Neo family of Pacific Energy wood heaters. With its trademark efficiency, afterburn and stunning flame pattern, the Neo 2.5 Inbuilt will be an ideal addition to any home.

Efficiency Emissions Heating Capacity Fascia Dimensions Dimensions
72% 1.0g 280 – 300m² 1020 x 724 546 x 838 x 502