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When a home is beautifully designed, it seems the elements have magically combined to delight, engage, & reflect it’s occupants. Whether you are starting with a blank canvas, refreshing an existing space or just need to change things up, a carefully curated combination of ingredients is what creates a gorgeous and liveable home.

Practical is as important as pretty.

Ensuring an interior design is functional, comfortable and sustainable involves careful consideration of the use of the space, who is using it, as well as fluctuating seasonal patterns.

An experienced interior designer will ensure the correctly sized furniture, rugs, window coverings and other textiles are selected, whilst ensuring the durability is suitable for the client’s individual needs (especially where pets and children reside). They will also help ensure the layout and flow of the space is practical for those who will use it.

An experienced eye for design.

With thousands of choices of colour, fabric, furniture, flooring, lighting, accessories, as well as spatial planning, an interior design project can fast become overwhelming when navigating the options.

The key is carefully layering in all the elements that make a home stylish, personal & timeless. A confident interior designer will embrace those much loved personal pieces, and help you find the perfect colours, textiles and furnishings to compliment, ensuring they are practical, functional and aesthetically harmonious.

When it comes to choosing colour, there is a big difference between small paint swatches, digital computer screens and whether the surface is matt, gloss or somewhere between. Rooms that have north vs south facing windows can also impact the final result of a wall, cabinet or textile colour. Support with colour can be worth it’s weight in gold with an experienced eye, especially when it comes to painting a room or choosing large furnishings such as a lounge, curtains and blinds or cabinetry.

Little black book of tried and tested suppliers, including tradespeople.

Trust is a big factor when inviting suppliers and tradespeople into your home. Timing and communication is also key. An experienced Interior Designer is supported by a team of trusted tradespeople and will also help with their coordination, ensuring seamless and timely installation.

Budget is an important part of the process.

Making the wrong choices for an interior design may be a costly exercise. An ill-fitting blind or curtain, a louge or cushion fabric that fades when placed near a north facing window, a paint colour that hasn’t allowed for fluctuations in light, or natural textiles that haven’t been hemmed for movement or chosen for durability are just a few places where experience can avoid a problem.

Generally speaking, having an idea of what you would like to invest into your new space is a wonderful way to make the most of your Interior Designers expertise. A good Interior Designer will be able to support your vision using their ‘tricks of the trade’ to distribute your budget wisely, ensuring the pieces you select offer longevity and seamless application, the first time around.


Ask the experts for advice

Here at Thornton & Blake, our team’s focus is on designing spaces that you love to spend time in. We apply knowledge and know-how to every component of a project, evaluating colour, form, texture, and scale so that the elements in a space coalesce with harmony, style and durability.

Whether it’s a simple update using paint, cushions and clever styling or reconfiguring your entire layout including window treatments, flooring, lighting, furniture, and colour consultation, enhancing the home for its owners is always the primary focus, no matter the size of the project.

To make sure you get the right interior design advice, make an appointment for an initial chat below.

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