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Focus Gyrofocus

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This seminal design, created by Dominique Imbert in 1968, was the first suspended, 360° pivoting fireplace. It was revolutionary as much for its technical design as its groundbreaking style. Its ease of installation, made-to-measure flue & its heat efficiency have all contributed to make this fireplace the signature model & symbol of Focus. This international classic has been exhibited in the Bordeaux Contemporary Art Museum (1996), the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Grenoble (1997) & in New York’s Guggenheim Museum (1998).

Heat Output Efficiency
6 96 57.8 1250 1250 2190

* Fire dimensions are to be used only as a guide, refer to manufactures specifications for full dimensional details & installation guide. Heat output varies depending on home floor plan, house layout, heat loss of the house & quality/moisture content of wood. A fire consultation is required before quotes are finalised to establish fire suitability & installation & flue requirements.

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