Curtains & Drapes

If you think that all curtains are the same, think again! When designing curtains you need to choose how the top of your curtains (the heading) will look. Each curtain heading creates a different look and uses a different amount of fabric. Curtain headings determine the way the fabric hangs, and can set the atmosphere of a room just by the design of the top of the curtain or heading. T&B can assist in getting all the details just right, so that your new curtains look as good as they can.

Here is a quick guide to the different curtain headings we can create.

Double Pinch or Dutch Pleat

Double Pinch or Dutch Pleat offers the tailored finish of New York Pleating but with a two pleats instead of just one. It requires a little more fullness than the New York Pleat, but still stacks well and remains a popular heading style.

Euro Relaxed, Fan or American Pinch Pleat

The Euro Relaxed, Fan or American Pinch Pleat is a more casual style of heading. Double or triple folds are sewn into the top of heading of the fabric at regular intervals, creating a reverse pinch pleat. It requires a similar amount of fabric to its equivalent pinch pleat & creates a luxurious full drape. It stacks well in areas & has a more relaxed look when open.

Inverted Box Pleat

Inverted Box Pleat is a versatile curtain heading that works in contemporary or more traditional interiors. The pleats are hidden at the back of the curtain, creating a wall of fabric at the front. It is a fashionable choice as it creates clean lines and a neat look when the curtains are drawn. For a simple style, no fuss style, the Inverted Box Pleat is the perfect choice.

Pencil Pleat

The Pencil Pleat is suitable for all fabric types, and works in traditional, modern or casual interiors. Pencil Pleats are created by gathering or pulling the cords in the tape sewn at the top of the curtain. The three rows of cords are pulled up evenly, creating deep “pencil” pleats.


The S-Fold heading showcases the latest trend in curtain styles, offering a simple, streamlined and symmetrical alternative to more elaborate pleated curtain headings. The “S” shape is formed by sewing the fabric flat on to the heading tape, then the finished curtain is hung on special carriers which are dedicated S-Fold track or rod.


Sheers can be used to add layer of privacy without losing light. Sheers can be used on their own, in front of a lining or behind curtains or drapes & they always add some softness to the room. Sheers can be made with all types of headings including Inverted Box Pleat, Pinch Pleats, Ripple/S-Fold and Pencil Pleat.

Single Pinch or New York Pleat

The Single Pinch or New York Pleat offers a tailored finish, but with less fullness than any other heading option. This treatment is ideal for achieving a minimalist look. It works well with heavier fabrics, and is a good option when the stacking space at the side of the window is limited.

Triple Pinch or French Pleat

The Triple Pinch or French Pleat is a classic and formal heading choice. Trios of folds are sewn into the heading of the fabric at regular intervals, creating a fan shape. It requires the most fabric of all the heading types & creates a luxurious full drape. The Triple Pinch Pleat still stacks well in areas where there is limited stacking space. Perfect for traditional settings, this is an elegant and timeless heading type.