Plantation Shutters

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters are the perfect outdoor solution when you need privacy & some protection from the outdoor elements. Corrosion resistance gives them durability & makes them very low maintenance. Light reflectivity means they help keep outside entertainment areas cooler in summer & closing the blades helps keep the heat in too. They cab be installed on balconies, verandahs, courtyards and facades & more…

PVC Plantation Shutters

Similar to timber in look, these shutters are moisture & humidity resistant & tough. They have an aluminium core running through each blade making them stronger & more stable than timber & they will not warp or chip over time. They are ideal for high moisture environments like bathrooms & are also hypo-allergenic, recyclable & have a repairable surface.

Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber Plantation Shutters are a classic window covering that allow you to control privacy, light, ventilation & warmth in a unique & beautiful way. They can be designed and manufactured to fit any window and door size & come in a range of paint colours & stains. Plantation shutters always add something special to a space & can be used alone or layered with sheers or curtains.

Shutters Mounting Options

Custom Shutter Shapes