This beautiful Glenbrook home required a full interior design consultation after a major renovation.  Thornton & Blake Interior Designer, Fiona was only too happy to provide her creativity, experience and little book of suppliers to support. With the requirement for wall coverings, including paint and wallpaper, custom curtains, custom lounges and arm chairs, cabinetry, feature lighting, flooring throughout along with two new bathrooms, this Glenbrook property received a complete facelift.

Beginning in the master bedroom, the use of a wallpaper behind the bed provides interest, texture and movement. The choice of a soft pastel leaf print is reminiscent of the Blue Mountains surrounds, bringing the tranquility of the outdoors inside. The choice of sheer curtains, over custom design blockout blinds softens the daylight in this peaceful space. Finally, a striking feature light and custom upholstered armchairs provide a retreat space in the bay window for the client to enjoy a book or the daily newspaper.


The ensuite and main bathroom also saw a complete transformation. With dual sinks in both spaces, new tiles and feature mirrors. The bathroom lighting was specified to be compliant specifically for wet zones as well as its stylish design. The colour palette, cabinetry and tap ware were all chosen for their timeless, classic style, ensuring the design would still remain current despite the passing years.

The media room (above) had a requirement for blockout blinds and lounge suite which would ensure the space was comfortable, functional as well as suitably lit for watching a movie or documentary any time of the day. Once again, bringing a printed armchair into the foreground of the space provided some warmth and interest when paired with the simplicity of the linen textured lounges, along with some custom made cushions to tie the whole space together.

Finally, in the combined family dining and lounge space (below), a selection of custom designed Sofas ensure comfort and style for the family and guests of this Glenbrook home to relax in. The use of a complimentary print in the custom door blind was selected, adding to the depth to the interior design. 

Above the dining table, a custom covered feature light in a linen texture anchors the dining table whilst adding functional light above the dining table with carefully considered design.

Interior Designer: Fiona Harding, Thornton & Blake