Charnwood Aire 3

Purpose built for the smaller home; the British made Charnwood Aire 3 is a stunning, high-quality unit combining the best of modern wood heating into a tiny package. From the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, this heater is made from high quality British steel, so you know the standard is high with the Charnwood range.

One of the first things about the Aire 3 that is most noticeable is the materials. Made from high quality British craftsmanship, the Aire 3 boasts a cool to touch door handle and air slider, meaning you can handle your Aire 3 without concern. A with the large glass door, you can see the flames from your Aire 3 perfectly as they heat your home. The Aire 3 has the capacity to heat up to 70m², perfect for the smallest of homes or rooms. And with the top of the Aire 3 a perfect small sized cooktop (If the flue is in the rear flue position), you can boil a kettle or throw some bacon and eggs on a frying pan without hassle.

The Aire 3 boasts an impressive 74% efficiency, helping you burn less wood than most wood heaters. And being fully vermiculite lined, it will stay hot long after the heater has gone out. The Aire 3 has the option to flue out of the top or the rear, giving you more control over how the heater sits in your home. If the flue is in the top position, you can add the Heater POD to your Aire 3. The POD is a small capsule that surrounds the Aire 3, protecting your walls from the heater and providing a unique look for your wood heater. Standard in a matte black, you can also upgrade to the splattered black VLAZE interior, making the Aire 3 truly pop in your home.

With most modern homes as airtight as possible, it’s important that your wood heater is still able to breathe. The Outside Air Intake is critical to allowing your wood heater to breathe, as it brings fresh air from outside the home into the heater, not trying to use the limited air inside the home. When you have a traditional air-cooled flue kit, 8% of the heat your heater makes is lost up the flue. This can be solved with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, which seals the room at the ceiling line and keeps all the heat in the room. When you add these two together, you get a completely airtight system for keeping the air in your wood heater and the heat in your warm.

The Charnwood Aire 3 excels at heating the smallest of spaces, without overheating them. And being environmentally friendly and extremely efficient, it appeals to the person who strives to be as carbon neutral as possible.

Efficiency Emissions Heating Capacity Dimensions Rear clearance to combustible Side clearance to combustible Corner clearance to combustible Clearance to non-combustible
74% 1.3g 70m² 500 x 384 x 344 75mm 325mm 200mm 25mm