Charnwood Bay BX

Designed with the discerning buyer in mind, the Charnwood Bay BX is a stunning Linea wood heater, with a large viewing glass perfect for getting a good look at your fire. And with a variety of base options available, you can really set the Bay BX to look exactly how you want within your home.


This little fire packs out a lot of heat for its size, up to 120m². This heat is stunning, but it’s also efficient. With an efficiency at 68%, you’re going to burn less wood than the average wood heater in its class. When it comes to emissions, the Bay BX is extremely clean, as low as 0.8g. This means the Bay BX is perfect for those wanting a clean burning heater to minimize their carbon footprint. And being made in the United Kingdom from high quality British steel, you know this unit is going to be nothing but quality.

What truly sets the Bay BX apart from other wood heaters, especially other Linea wood heaters, is the number of base options available. The first is the pedestal, which raises the Bay BX off the ground. The second is the Wood stand, which has a space for wood to be stored underneath the heater. And finally, the bench, lower than the wood stand but with space to the side of the heater, perfect for storing some more wood, kindling or your tools. Alternatively, you can have the Bay BX standalone on a concrete bench. This variety gives you complete control over how your wood heater looks in your room.

In an air-tight home, your wood heater would normally struggle to breathe, as it cannot get enough oxygen to feed the fire. This is where the Outside Air Intake comes in, bringing in fresh air from the outside into your fire, keeping well oxidized without bringing in air from the room. With a traditional flue kit, 8% of the heat your heater produces is lost through the flue. But with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, that heat stays in the room, which saves you wood and keeps you warmer for longer. Combining the Outside Air Intake with Pivot’s Room Sealed Flue Kit creates a fully airtight system for your wood heater that belts out the heat without sacrificing air loss at any part of the process.

With its numerous display options, stunning Linea design and generous heat output, the Bay BX is one stand out heater, perfect for a brand-new modern home looking for a clean heating source.

Efficiency Emissions Heating Capacity Dimensions Rear clearance to combustible Side clearance to combustible Corner clearance to combustible Clearance to non-combustible
68% 0.8g 130m² 500 x 688 x 403 100mm 200mm 70mm 25mm