Pacific Energy Alderlea T5

If you’re a lover of things vintage and classic, but still need to be environmentally conscious, the Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 is the wood heater for you. Styled with a beautiful Canadian made cast iron exterior, this heater is extraordinarily modern on the inside, keeping you warm, the environment clean, all with an old-world flair!

Already visually striking, the Alderlea T5 has the option to upgrade the outside to either Antique White Porcelain or Majolica Brown Porcelain. On the inside, the Alderlea T5 is even more impressive, with emissions as low as 1.1g, an efficiency of 67% and a heat output of 250m², perfect for any medium sized home. And by sliding the top panels to the side, you expose a brilliant cooktop, perfect for boiling a kettle or bacon and eggs on a frying pan. Perfect way to start your early winter mornings!

As with all Pacific Energy Wood Heaters, you can add on Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit and the Outside Air Intake. The Insulated Flue stop air from escape up through the flue, saving you 8% of your heat, which equates to a tonne of wood a year, while the Outside Air Intake allows you to feed oxygen to your fire without drawing from your room, stopping draughts in older homes, or simply allowing the fire to breathe in airtight modern homes. And bringing these together creates the ultimate system for keeping your Alderlea T5 efficient and sustainable.

The Alderlea T5 is a beautiful unit, unique in its styling (and more so with the porcelain upgrades) and yet still manages to utilize the very best of modern wood heating technology. And with its large glass door, the view of the flames, what you’re really looking for, is ever present.

Efficiency Emissions Heating Capacity Dimensions Rear clearance to combustible Side clearance to combustible Corner clearance to combustible Clearance to non-combustible
67% 1.1g 250 – 280m² 756 x 718 x 616 100mm 375mm 200mm 25mm