Pacific Energy Super

Engineered from brilliant Canadian craftsmanship, the Pacific Energy Super wood heater is a stunning display of modern wood heater innovation with a simple twist. Keeping things simple is the Super’s goal, and it does it brilliantly. No complicated controls, just a single air slider and a door handle. That’s it. And it works.

But don’t mistake its simplicity for complacency. Underneath the Super’s minimalist design is an extraordinary modern example of wood heating technology. The Pacific Energy Super has an unbelievable heat output of 250m²! The Extended Burn Time (EBT) allows the draught within the heater to be regulated automatically, meaning the flue will draw no matter how much flue you have, ensuring you can get your fire going without issue.

With traditional flue, heat loss through the ceiling is inevitable. Approximately 8% of all heat your Pacific Energy Super produces is lost through the flue. Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue is sealed at the ceiling, keeping that 8% of heat in your room. This saves you on your running costs long term and keeps your heater more efficient. Speaking of efficiency, the Pacific Energy Super boasts a 67% efficiency, far higher than other heaters in its class. And with emissions as low as 1.1g, the Super is also environmentally friendly.

The Super is a truly standout heater. Its ability to keep things simple and yet still maintain its heat, efficiency and environmentally friendliness is a true testament to the quality of this unit.

Efficiency Emissions Heating Capacity Dimensions Rear clearance to combustible Side clearance to combustible Corner clearance to combustible Clearance to non-combustible
67% 1.1g 250 – 280m² 740 x 610 x 600 100mm 375mm 200mm 25mm