Yunca Monte

There’s nothing better than ending a long day than pulling off your boots, sitting in your favourite couch, and resting up in front of the wood fire. That’s the experience you get with the Yunca Monte, a beautiful wood heater designed for those stunning New Zealand nights.

While overnight burn is one of the most requested features of wood heaters in Australia, in New Zealand, they ask a slightly different question. The Kiwi ask if the heater will still be hot in the morning. And this key difference leads to one of the Yunca Monte’s most unique features. Its ten thermal mass firebricks line the firebox, ensuring the heat produced by the fire is retained long after the flames have gone out. What this means is that when you wake up in the morning, even if the flames have gone out, the heater will still be hot due to these fantastic.

Another way to keep the heat in your room for longer is to use Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, which retains 8% of the heat your Yunca Monte produces, which is normally lost through traditional flue kits. This increases the already fantastic efficiency of 69%, meaning you burn substantially less wood per year than other wood heaters in its class. And with emissions as low as 0.96g, it’s clean burning too, so far better for the environment. And all of this comes together for a fantastic 200m² of heating capacity. Not compromising on heat for performance, you get the best of both with the Yunca Monte. And with three base options (the wood storage box, the pedestal, and the legs) you can customize your Yunca Monte to suit your home.

Your quest for a brilliant heating solution is over. The Yunca Monte is a great unit, clean burning and efficient, and with the thermal mass bricks, able to keep you hot long after the flames have dissipated. This ensures you remain warm well into the morning, ready for the new morning.

Efficiency Emissions Heating Capacity Dimensions Rear clearance to combustible Side clearance to combustible Corner clearance to combustible Clearance to non-combustible
69% 0.96g 200m² 784 x 663 x 572 200mm 450mm 245mm 25mm