Are you considering new curtains or blinds for your home?


Whilst window furnishings do offer the benefits of privacy, light control and even support climate control within your home, carefully considered curtains and blinds can also completely transform the mood and feel of a room.


Whether you’re looking for a tranquil space to relax and retreat to, or a vibrant room filled with colour, creativity, and energy, today we will share some insight into how window treatments can dictate how your home feels and what to choose to turn your vision into reality.



The warmth of Natural textiles

Generally natural fabrics will instantly have a calming effect on a space. Bringing the outdoors in, with natural linens, organic, unbleached cottons, bamboo or timber offers an informal warmth and texture to your window dressings, reminiscent of our nature inspired Blue Mountains surrounds. If this sounds appealing for your home, look for natural linen curtains, bamboo blinds or timber shutters.


Petite, repetitive prints in natural colour tones that are reflective of nature’s elements such as leaves or florals will also have a similar effect, especially when printed onto natural, unbleached textiles.



Bold prints

Feeling bold? Inject movement and energy into your space by installing a window dressing with a strong, vibrant print. Using a feature blind with a bright, contrasting pattern will offer loads of impact, and even movement.


If you like the idea of using a print, but you would prefer a calmer space to retreat to, choose muted colours, opting for softer, pastel tones that offer less contrast to the background and wall colours. Generally smaller prints with a little movement, such as a repetitive leaf pattern will have a gentler impact on a room than bright, big, bold, contrasting prints.



The formality of stripes

Did you know that the official uniform of the French Navy, designed in 1858, featured 21 horizontal stripes, one for each of Napoleon Bonaparte’s victories?

Whilst we’re not sure that the design of the French Navy uniform is completely responsible for the formal feeling that stripes bring to a space, we can attest that the classic stripe gives a room a fresh, clean, and timeless look.

Perfect for a custom blind or a curtain, choose vertical stripes to accentuate the height of a room or horizontal stripes to increase the width of a space.

Sheer Victory
What we love about sheer curtains and blinds, is that they offer privacy and tranquillity, whilst allowing in natural light for you to enjoy. Perfect for peaceful spaces, such as the lounge room or bedroom, the romantic sheer will generally be paired with a block out blind or curtain, for thermal protection and complete privacy, when required.

Blinds Vs Curtains

The option of blinds versus curtains can also give a different feel to a space.


Curtains tend to have a more traditional feel, giving softness, warmth and movement with their pleated textile drop. Increase the height of your curtains to accentuate the height of a ceiling or window, adding drama or impact.


The strong line of a fitted blind adds a sleek, clean, and contemporary design element to a space. Blinds are perfect for spaces which are asking for minimal, modern design or where you would like to use a print or pattern to make a statement.



Can you use curtains and blinds in the same room?

You can most definitely pair curtains and blinds in the same space effectively. In fact, in terms of design and more importantly, functionality, choosing the right style of window dressing is more than just a design feature.


When installed with the support of a specialist interior designer, you can rest assured the window dressing selected is fitted to offer the most impact for your investment, meeting your needs in terms of privacy, light control, and climate control, whilst delivering the look and feel you wish to enjoy in your home.

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